Date Released: FTC-PR-240130-1

January 30, 2024


FTC-PR-240130-1 – Project Point of No Entry Keeps FTC’s Focus on Gateway Voice Service Providers to Stop Illegal Robocalls from Entering the United States – FTC and FCC warn VoIP service providers that they must be better gatekeepers of the U.S. telephone network


Continuing its rigorous enforcement of the nation’s telemarketing and robocall laws, the Federal Trade Commission over the past year expanded its efforts to stop illegal calls originating overseas from entering the United States, working in coordination with its sister agency, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Explore Data with the FTC: Find out about Do Not Call complaints and registrationsTo stop these illegal overseas calls, the FTC announced in April 2023 that it had implemented Project Point of No Entry (PoNE), targeting “point of entry” or “gateway” Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service providers and warning they must work to keep illegal robocalls out of the country. The project’s work has continued over the past year and continues to demonstrate its effectiveness by targeting more than two dozen service providers that were involved in millions of illegal robocall campaigns.

“Illegal robocalls are a scourge that waste Americans’ time and defraud them of money. VoIP providers knowingly enable these scammers, allowing robocalls to proliferate on a massive scale,” said FTC Chair Lina M. Khan. “The FTC will continue to crack down on upstream actors that facilitate fraud, and we’ll keep working with the FCC to protect Americans in the fight against illegal telemarketing.”

“Coordination among federal partners is key when cutting off the scourge of illegal robocalls from abroad,” said FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel. “These results of our recent actions are clear: together we are stronger in our efforts to protect American consumers from fraudulent and harassing international robocallers.”

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