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Become a Sponsor Mission - Become a is seeking Corporate Sponsors with active Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Programs in place that align with the mission of

CSR programs involve businesses taking responsibility for their impact on society and the environment. Sponsoring can demonstrate to stakeholders that CSR programs are worthwhile undertakings in several ways.

  • Firstly, supporting a platform dedicated to consumer awareness and education in combating fraud aligns with ethical business practices, showing a commitment to transparency and consumer protection.
  • Secondly, such sponsorship enhances corporate reputation by associating the company with an initiative that presents reliable information from federal regulatory authorities, thereby building credibility and goodwill among stakeholders.
  • Thirdly, it fulfills social expectations by contributing to the community’s well-being through educational initiatives, which can attract socially conscious consumers and investors who prioritize ethical behavior and corporate citizenship.

Overall, sponsoring can effectively showcase a company’s dedication to CSR goals by actively supporting initiatives that benefit society and align with ethical values.

As a paid Corporate Sponsor, your Company Name will be prominently displayed on the main menu (Sponsor-Example) on every page on this portal. When users click on your company namethey will be directed to your unique web page and be able to review or download your PDF Display File (displayed in the same manner as the FTC document below).

Sponsorship criteria for your unique webpage and PDF Display File:

  • The Sponsorship Fee of $12,000 per year must be paid prior to creating your corporate presence on this portal.
  • Your PDF Display File must not exceed thirty (40) letter-size pages.
  • Your online advertising must comply with the FTC-BG-Online-Advertising-Rules (shown below).

Your financial support will help provide the following:

  • Maintenance of local hardware & software systems for site administration.
  • Provide domain name services and remote hosting support services including site security.
  • Local office clerical services and normal business and office expenses.
  • Site administration salaries for:
    • Government website research and press release monitoring (a daily function)
    • Aggregation of press releases and education materials, categorization of this data, and database entry (a daily function).
    • Testing all links, modifying category hierarchy as information becomes available (a daily function).
    • Site Optimization and Database backups (multiple times a week function).
    • An invoice will be generated for each billing cycle and sent as directed.
    • Monthly payment option is available.

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