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JCAP101.com MissionWelcome to Jack’s Consumer Awareness Portal (“JCAP101” or “Portal“), where knowledge empowers you in the fight against fraud.

Founded by Jack Wylie, following a career in the private security profession, JCAP101 reflects his transformation from a victim of fraud to an advocate against fraud.

We aggregate press releases from Federal Regulatory Authorities such as the (CFTC), (CFPB), (FBI), (FTC), (IC3), (SEC), and others by monitoring their official websites regularly. Our dedicated team compiles and categorizes these releases, ensuring comprehensive coverage of enforcement actions, consumer alerts, and educational updates. Using only official direct sources (not media outlets), we aggregate this information to provide a centralized hub on JCAP101, facilitating easy access and navigation for users seeking critical insights into fraud prevention, regulatory actions, and consumer protection measures. By leveraging our systematic approach to aggregation, we aim to keep our audience informed with timely and relevant content from trusted governmental sources.

JCAP101 is updated several times a week and serves as a trusted resource for current information about frauds, scams, and the legal measures taken by federal regulatory authorities to protect American citizens.

Whether you’re making financial decisions or safeguarding against deceptive practices, JCAP101 provides the insights you need to protect yourself and make informed choices.

Join us in creating a more knowledgeable and vigilant community—because knowledge is your best defense.

Why is understanding fraud crucial for consumers and investors today? Fraudsters are increasingly sophisticated in exploiting modern technologies. Take a look at the latest five years of national data from the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3):

Fraud is Increasing

IC3 Internet Crime Reports:

(2019) (2020) (2021) (2022) (2023) (PDF)

As you learn more about fraudsters and their schemes, the less likely you are to fall victim!

The more you learn about fraudsters and their tactics, the less likely you are to become a victim.

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