JCAP101 – Rising Fraud

JCAP101 Help Stop FraudWelcome to Jack’s Consumer Awareness Portal, also known as JCAP101.

We’re here to help you fight against fraud and shady business practices.

JCAP101 is all about giving power back to consumers. It was started by Jack Wylie , who retired from the Private Security profession in Texas after 27 years. Jack’s journey, from being ripped off by Forex brokers to becoming a champion for consumer awareness, inspired the creation of JCAP101.

In today’s world, scams are everywhere. Federal Regulatory Authorities like the CFTC, CFPB, CPSC, FTC, SEC, and others work hard to protect Americans from being ripped off by scammers or being harmed by consumer products. But sometimes, their notification efforts get overshadowed in the shuffle of our daily lives. That’s where JCAP101 steps in.

Our goal is simple: to connect regular folks like you with these federal agencies. We gather these agencies’ latest news and alerts and put them all together. Here, you can stay informed and learn how to spot and avoid scams and fraud.

“Knowledge is Your Best Defense Against Fraud”

I realized the power of this information, back in 2020, after my run-in with fraudulent Forex brokers. If I had known what to look for earlier, I could’ve avoided the whole mess and saved myself all the money I lost. That’s why I’m dedicated to making this information easy to find for everyone. Because when you know what to watch out for, you can better protect yourself from fraudsters.

Fraudsters are always coming up with new tricks, making it harder to stay safe. In 2023, people lost a staggering $4.6 billion to investment scams alone! Look at the last 7 years of data from the FTC Consumer Sentinel Network :

JCAP101 – Rising Fraud

Help JCAP101 Stop Fraud FTC Reported Losses in Billions of Dollars

View Annual Visual Snapshots: (2017) (2018) (2019) (2020) (2021) (2022) (2023

As we learn more about fraudsters and their schemes,

we are less likely to become victims of their schemes.

At JCAP101, we believe knowledge is your best defense against fraud. Here’s why you should bookmark our page:

  1. Stay Updated — We share press releases from regulatory authorities, so you know what’s going on and how to protect yourself.
  2. Follow the Rules — Regulatory changes can affect you. We keep you in the loop so you can stay on the right side of the law.
  3. Manage Risks — Knowing the latest scams helps you spot danger early and keep your money safe.
  4. Empower Yourself — We make it easy for you to access info from different agencies, so you can make smart choices.
  5. Learn and Grow — Our resources help you understand fraud better, so you can avoid it in the future.
  6. Boost Confidence — When you know regulators are on the case, you can trust the market more.
  7. Prevent Loss — Being aware of scams saves you from losing your hard-earned cash.

In conclusion, JCAP101 is your go-to source for staying ahead of fraudsters. We gather information from federal agencies to help you navigate the tricky world of scams and shady business deals. Remember, fraud is on the rise, but with the right knowledge, you can protect yourself.

And let’s not forget the hard work of those regulatory authorities. They’re out there every day, watching things to keep us safe.

We’re grateful for their dedication to protecting consumers and investors nationwide!

JCAP101 – Rising Fraud

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