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The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) serves as the primary regulatory agency in the United States tasked with promoting consumer protection and maintaining competitive markets. By enforcing various antitrust and consumer protection laws, the FTC prevents unfair or deceptive business practices, such as false advertising, fraud, and monopolistic behavior. It investigates complaints, conducts hearings, and initiates legal actions against companies that violate these laws, aiming to safeguard consumers’ interests, ensure fair competition, and uphold the integrity of the marketplace.


FTC-PR-240313-2 Date Released: March 13, 2024 Headline: FTC-PR-240313-2 – FTC Issues Infant Formula Supply Disruptions Report Excerpt: Today, the Federal Trade Commission issued a report on market factors relevant to infant formula supply disruptions, which details aspects of the U.S. infant formula market that rendered it vulnerable to supply disruptions in 2022. The report also […]


FTC-PR-240313-1 Date Released: March 13, 2024 Headline: FTC-PR-240313-1 – FTC Sends More Than $4.1 Million in Refunds to People Who Lost Money to Student Loan Debt Relief Scheme – The Agency said scammers lured consumers with fake loan forgiveness and pocketed their money. Excerpt: The Federal Trade Commission is sending more than $4.1 million in […]


FTC-PR-240311-2 Date Released: March 11, 2024 Headline: FTC-PR-240311-2 – FTC Submits Annual Budget Request to Congress Excerpt: The Federal Trade Commission submitted to Congress its Fiscal Year 2025 budget request, in support of the President’s FY 2025 budget for the federal government. The budget request also includes the Performance Plan for FY 2024 and FY […]


FTC-PR-240311-1 Date Released: March 11, 2024 Headline: FTC-PR-240311-1 – FTC, 10 States Take Action Against Operator of Sham Cancer Charity for Deceiving Donors – Complaint charges Women’s Cancer Fund and Gregory Anderson with raising more than $18 million from donors, with only 1% going to financial support for cancer patients. Excerpt: The Federal Trade Commission […]


FTC-PR-240307-1 Date Released: March 7, 2024 Headline: FTC-PR-240307-1 – XCL Resources Seeks FTC’s Prior Approval for Altamont Energy Acquisition – FTC invites public to comment on pending oil & gas acquisition Excerpt: The Federal Trade Commission is requesting public comment on an application from XCL Resources Holdings, LLC, a subsidiary of private equity firm EnCap […]


FTC-PR-240307-3 Date Released: March 7, 2024 Headline: FTC-PR-240307-3 – FTC Convenes Advisory Group to Fight Scams Against Older Adults – April 2 meeting of advisory group will highlight information gathered by committees since previous meeting Excerpt: The Federal Trade Commission will host an online meeting of the Scams Against Older Adults Advisory Group on April […]


FTC-PR-240307-2 Date Released: March 7, 2024 Headline: FTC-PR-240307-2 – FTC Implements New Protections for Businesses Against Telemarketing Fraud and Affirms Protections Against AI-enabled Scam Calls – Final rule extends telemarketing protections to business-to-business calls; Commission also proposes new consumer protections against tech support scams pitched over the phone Excerpt: The Federal Trade Commission today announced […]

FTC-CA-Advance-Fee Loans

FTC-CA-Advance-Fee Loans Date Released: n/a Headline: FTC-CA-Advance-Fee Loans – FTC-What To Know About Advance-Fee Loans Excerpt: Do you need to borrow money to make auto repairs, consolidate credit card debt, or pay your mortgage? In an advance-fee loan scam, scammers promise they’ll get you a loan, credit card, or access to credit. Or they say […]


FTC-PR-240301-1 Date Released: March 1, 2024 Headline: FTC-PR-240301-1 – FTC and Partners Kick Off National Consumer Protection Week 2024 – Events begin this Saturday, March 2 Excerpt: As part of National Consumer Protection Week (NPCW), the Federal Trade Commission and its partners, including consumer organizations, national advocacy organizations, and other federal, state, and local government […]


FTC-PR-240229-1 Date Released: February 29, 2024 Headline: FTC-PR-240229-1 – FTC Testifies in Support of Colorado’s Right-to-Repair Law – Testimony underscores agency’s work to support right-to-repair measures across the country Excerpt: The Federal Trade Commission today appeared before the Colorado General Assembly’s Committee on Business Affairs and Labor in support of proposed legislation that would expand […]