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Example Corporate Citizen Link

As a Corporate Citizen Sponsor, your company will have the opportunity to present comprehensive information with the display of their PDF (50-page max) PDF display file, incorporating text, graphics, charts, graphs, or just about anything else you wish to disseminate about your company.

Corporate Sponsors can enjoy sustained visibility and contribute to the ongoing success of JCAP101.com as a valuable consumer awareness portal in the fight against Fraud and Deceptive Practices.

The Example PDF Display File below is from the FTC Bureau of Consumer Protection.

As a Corporate Citizen Sponsor, your Company Name will be prominently displayed on the main menu to the right of ► Your Company Name ◄ on every page on this portal. When users click on your company name, they will be directed to your unique web page and review your PDF Display File (displayed in the same manner as below).

FTC – Rules of the Road