The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) is a nonprofit corporation established by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, tasked with overseeing the audits of public companies and related entities to protect investors and enhance the reliability and accuracy of financial reporting. The PCAOB sets auditing standards, inspects and reviews audit firms for compliance, and enforces rules aimed at ensuring auditors operate with integrity, competence, and independence. By overseeing the work of auditors, the PCAOB seeks to bolster confidence in financial statements and disclosures, thereby promoting transparency and accountability in the capital markets. The board consists of five members appointed by the SEC, who collaborate with audit firms, issuers, investors, and other stakeholders to uphold high audit quality standards and maintain the integrity of financial reporting in public companies.


File ID:  SEC-PR-2024-61 Date:  May 20, 2024 Accessed:  July 10, 2024 Headline:  SEC Issues Exemptive Order Providing Additional Time for Certain Registrants to File Quarterly Reports in Light of BF Borgers Permanent Suspension. Source: Categories: PCAOB COMPLIANCE FAILURES FILING EXTENSIONS SEC FILING EXTENSIONS SEC-PR-2024-61 – Viewer: ▼▼▼ (Download PDF File )


File ID:  SEC-PR-2024-51 Date:  May 3, 2024 Accessed:  July 9, 2024 Headline:  Securities and Exchange Commission Charges Audit Firm BF Borgers and Its Owner with Massive Fraud Affecting More Than 1,500 SEC Filings. Source: Categories: PCAOB COMPLIANCE FAILURES SEC-PR-2024-51 – Viewer: ▼▼▼ (Download PDF File )