Investment Scams claim you’ll likely make a lot of money quickly or easily with little to no risk — usually by investing in the financial markets, Stocks,  Cryptocurrency, Real Estate, Precious Metals, and Coins. Their tactics may include Ponzi Schemes, Pyramid Schemes, or even Romance Schemes. These scams often start with free training or seminars, but quickly lead to hefty fees for additional training or coaching that promises to increase your success. Sometimes, investment scammers say their program includes access to a turnkey system of experts that do everything for you, or the opportunity to learn about “proven” investment tricks. But the real tricks are the lies they tell you.


File ID:  CFTC-PR-8859-24 Date:  February 7, 2024 Accessed:  June 15, 2024 Headline:  CFTC Customer Advisory Alerts App and Social Media Users to Financial Romance Fraud. Valentine’s Day Brings Romance Investment Scams Back to Forefront. Source: Categories: AGENCY ADVISORIES CFTC ADVISORIES INVESTMENT SCAMS ROMANCE SCAMS CFTC-PR-8859-24 – Viewer: ▼▼▼ (Download PDF File )