Elder Fraud refers to deceptive schemes and scams specifically targeting older adults, exploiting their trust, vulnerabilities, and often their limited understanding of evolving technologies. These fraudulent activities can range from financial exploitation, where perpetrators manipulate seniors into giving away money or personal information, to various forms of identity theft and healthcare fraud. Elder fraud often involves tactics such as impersonation of trusted entities, pressure tactics, or emotional manipulation to gain the victim’s compliance. These schemes not only cause financial losses but can also lead to significant emotional distress and a loss of independence for the affected individuals. Preventing elder fraud requires awareness, education, and vigilance among seniors, their families, and caregivers, along with robust legal protections and community support systems.


File ID:  DOJ-OVC-2023 Date:  2023 Accessed:  July 5, 2024 Headline:  DOJ Office of Victims of Crime – 2023 Report to the Nation – Elder Abuse and Financial Exploitation Source: Categories: AGENCY REPORTS DOJ-OVC REPORTS ELDER FRAUD DOJ-OJP-OVC-2023 – Viewer: ▼▼▼ (Download PDF File )