A Cyber Intrusion refers to unauthorized access into computer systems, networks, or digital devices with malicious intent. It encompasses various methods such as hacking, malware deployment, phishing, or exploiting vulnerabilities in software or hardware. Once inside, intruders may steal sensitive information, disrupt operations, or install additional malicious software for future exploitation. The impact of a cyber intrusion can range from financial losses and reputational damage for businesses to compromised personal data and privacy violations for individuals. Detecting and mitigating cyber intrusions require robust cybersecurity measures, including firewalls, encryption, multi-factor authentication, and vigilant monitoring to promptly identify and respond to suspicious activities to minimize potential harm.


File ID:  SEC-PR-2024-63 Date:  May 22, 2024 Accessed:  July 10, 2024 Headline:  SEC Charges Intercontinental Exchange and Nine Affiliates Including the New York Stock Exchange With Failing to Inform the Commission of a Cyber Intrusion. Source: Categories: CYBER INTRUSION FAILURE TO REPORT CYBER INTRUSIONS SEC-PR-2024-63 – Viewer: ▼▼▼ (Download PDF File )